Friday, January 20, 2012

What Do You Love (asks Google)?

I discovered something I love today...on Google (yes, I do that often, but I promise, I do use other search engines and tools, too). While hitting the "more" button on my Google home page, I found a box at the top that asked me what I love: What do you love? How can I not fill in the box with "books" followed by a little <3 that is my "search" button? My results were a page full of all things books: videos, trends, images, websites, blogs, news, even how to say "books" in 57 languages (with audio, of course!). You can even set yourself up for updates and feeds about your favorite stuff. I then tested with my daughter (theater) and my son (UW Huskies) and they too were filled with joy (okay, maybe a little heavy on the descriptor) to find a page full of love. You can go directly to and find what you love.

Educational Application: We all know that reading, writing and researching about things we are interested in make for much more pleasant reading, writing and research experiences. If you can give an assignment with some freedom of choice, have kids start here, then decide what are the best places/tools to get what they need (facts, trends, opinions, images, videos, arguments, etc.). Great opportunity to discuss the need to go to different sources depending on purpose and audience.

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  1. love it carina! gonna go try it entering 'nail art' :D