Monday, January 23, 2012

Kelty at Gifted Ed Day in Olympia

Proud day in our house today! My daughter was chosen to represent the highly capable students of our district and state in Olympia today for Gifted Education Day. She got to introduce Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn and then make a statement about how the program has impacted her and the 50,000 students in the programs across the state. Finally, she got to present a letter to Governor Gregoire and thank her for her continued support of Gifted Ed. 

Kelty and Superintendent Dorn

Thanking Governor Gregoire

After the presentation we took advantage of the day and decided to extend our civic experience by visiting Senator Kastama's office. We didn't have an appointment (I'll be honest, I was just focused on getting her there and having all of the right speeches done and approved), so we did a "drive-by". He wasn't in his office, so we did leave notes.  Kelty's was about Gifted Ed, but I took advantage to plug school libraries (of course!). 

Note: today was also the day the legislature was holding hearings of the legalization of gay marriage, so we were expecting big, maybe cranky, crowds.  Not so much, and all very civil (as we would hope, right?). All in all, a great civics lesson for Kelty and the family (now I hope the school will excuse her absence with all of that educational chatter).

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